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Eden’s Offering Ornate Framed Print

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Always approach a goddess with a proper offering. She’s the big bang. Reflective chaos from the womb that birthed a new world. Inevitable bliss opening the road to creation. It's wise to avoid temptation unless you can't resist it. Beware, the slowest growing trees bear the ripest fruit.

Designer Framed Prints

Designer Framed Prints

  • Museum standard giclée print
  • Back mounted frame
  • Sturdy handmade frame
  • Handmade to order
  • Sturdy acrylic pane

Care instructions

Use duster and or vacuum gently with appropriate fitting.

Product size chart

  12x15" Swept Frame
Frame Size
12x15" Swept Frame
39 - 46.5 cm
15.3 - 18.3 "
Print Size
12x15" Swept Frame
30.48 - 38.1 cm
12 - 15 "
Visible Print Size
12x15" Swept Frame
29.1 - 36.5 cm
11.45 - 14.37 "